Nothing GOOD ever Came EASY
Hand-Pressed, Barrel-Aged Ciders


The Hard Way Cider Co. is a company that was born from passion. What started as a hobby for founders Lisa and Steve Goddard quickly became a business that allowed them to return to what is important to them: connecting with nature and building something they can be proud of.

This transition wasn’t without its hurdles. Both Lisa and Steve have put in the time and effort to grow. They believe that nothing worth while ever came easy. Always learning, improving and pushing the envelope, the words “cutting corners” and “take it easy” have left their vocabulary.

Today, Lisa and Steve have their hands in every part of the process and continue bring their cider to the world... The Hard Way.



Join us at the Memorial Centre Farmers' Market and help us support a great cause!
The Hardway Cider Co. is happy to join other great producers at the beer/wine/cider tent.

August 24th Memorial Centre Lawn 303 York Street.

Ribs + Cider = amazing! Come down to Kingston Rib Fest and joing us in all the fun.
The Hardway Cider Co. is happy to be apart of the Ribfest and Craft Beer Show.

September 8th - 10th Memorial Centre Lawn 303 York Street.

On Tap

~ Rogue Apples is currently available at Riverhead Brewing Company!

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